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Crochet Extra Newsletter

The Crochet Extra Newsletter is published on the first day of every month except January. This newsletter provides information regarding happenings in the business, details and pictures of articles completed by customers, comments by customers, stock information pertaining to the monthly theme, monthly specials, book of the month and information regarding new products.  The printed newsletter is designed for customers who do not have easy internet access and is mailed on a subscription basis (currently $13.00 per year for 11 issues).

The first part of the newsletter is also published on our website while the Specials, book of the month and new products are also available on our site providing the same information as the printed newsletter.  All previous newsletters are also available.

If you wish to subscribe (for a period of one yaer) to have the printed newsletter mailed to you at the beginning of each month (except January) then please order below. You may also renew your subscription (for a maximum of one year) below as well.

Please NOTE the Crochet Extra Newsletter is NOT the same as email newsletters which provide email information about 3 times per month and may be automatically subscribed to by completing the boxes at the bottom of the product listing on the left side of the page.