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Hints & Tips

New for September - Using T-shirt Yarn


Adding borders.  Give your afghans a finished look with a beautiful border

Amigurumi 101. Useful hints and tips for beginners to amigurumi

Beading.  Crocheting with beads

Beautiful Beginnings  Explore the different techniques to beginning a project and determine which suits you best

Buttons.  Tips for attaching buttons to crocheted garments

Changing Colour Change colour easily and effortlessly

Crocheting around a Ring Crocheting around a ring can be daunting.  Follow these helpful tips and you'll be doing this in no time at all

Doubling Up your Yarn Considered using two strands of yarn together?  Find out how it can be useful and some tips for creating great fabric with this technique

Filet Crochet Never tried filet or wish to improve it?

Flat Circles Find the answer to the popular question - why is my circle never flat?

Foundation Chain Row Issues.  Techniques to fix foundation row when you discover an error and you don't want to undo it.

Garments that fit. Learn how to adjust patterns to make them fit you - after all we are not all the same shape.

Granny Square Success Learn three techniques to create beautiful granny squares that can also be used in other projects. 

Reading Symbol Charts.  Open the world of patterns available reading symbol charts

Sturdy Baskets.  Making baskets with sturdy sides

Socks Tips for making successful socks

Taking the curl out of Tunisian crochet  Does your tunisian crochet curl up?  See our hints for how to stop this happening.

Taking the gap out of treble stitches  Do you love to creat clothing but worry about the gaps that come between the treble stitches?  See our hints how to remove these appearing in your garments

The Invisible Double Crochet Decrease Ever wandered how to get rid of the gaps that appear when you decrease?  Here's how.

Thread  Tips for working with thread and finer yarns for the first time

Which crochet hook should I use?  Tips on choosing a crochet hook for your project. or watch our video for help 

Yarn over or Yarn under - does it matter? Learn about the two ways of wrapping your yarn around your hook

Zips Add a zip to your project



Tatting.  Val D shares some tips she's picked up from her own experiencesand advice she has received from others


All Crafts

A Collection of Knitting & Crochet Tips.  Tips shared by customers of Crochet Australia relating to crochet and knitting

Beading. Tips for working with beads when crocheting, knitting or tatting.

Blanket Sizes. Quick reference guide for the size of various blankets and average meterage of yarn needed

Blocking.  Find out what blocking is all about, and how you can go about blocking your work.

Bulky Yarn.  How to create your own bulky yarn from 4ply or 8 ply yarn.

Yarn Care Symbols.  Have you ever wandered what all those symbols on your balls mean?  Find out here, to preserve your hard work.

Centre Pulls.  Should you start your ball/skein of yarn from the outside or the centre?  

Colour Selection Helpful hints for selecing colours for your projects (updated Sept 2019)

Competing. Entering your projects into competitions is a good way to keep the craft alive and inspire others.  Find out tips to prepare your work for submission.

Exercises - maintain your crochet fitness with simple and regular exercises and stretches.

Finishing Touches Tips to completing your projects and giving them that professional touch

Joining pieces  Methods to join crochet and knitted pieces together - pieces of clothing or motifs

Joining Yarns See some video tutorials on the different techniques for joining yarn in your projects

Organising your projects.  A review of some apps out there to help organise your WIP and keep track of your progress

Sock Yarn Which yarn is best for socks? Check out our tip on things to consider

Swatches  Making the best use of your swatches

Storing hand-made garments

Teaching.  A Grandmother shares her perspective of teaching her granddaughter how to crochet, and pick up some tips for teaching children.

Travelling with craft.  Hints & tips for what to pack when going on holidays

The Perfect sized Beanie Guiding principles for getting the right-sized beanie.

Tool Care.  Cleaning, storing and using the tools of the craft

Using Plarn.  Helpful hints for using plarn - made from recycled plastic bags

Understanding Cotton.  Understand the properties of cotton and the effect it has on your finished item.

Yarn Substitution.  Can't find the yarn mentioned in the pattern?  Time to find a substitute - but where do you start?  Get some useful tips of things to consider and some online resources to help.

Yarn Twist Does your yarn tangle or split when you are using it?  It could be because of the way it is twisted.  Find out how to tell if this is it and how to avoid it.

Yarn weight/ply Summary of the yarn classifications in US compared to Australian ply. 

Yarn Meterage  Determining the meterage left in partial balls