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Welcome to Crochet Extra, a newsletter for you, the crocheter, combining feature articles, new books and products. 

Here on our Crochet Australia website, at the beginning of each month, the newsletter articles only will be available for viewing as listed below.  If you wish to receive regular email newsletters advising of new products, promotions and other interesting stuff, please provide your details in the Subscribe to Newsletter boxes at the bottom left of this page under the Product Categories listings.

September 2020 Trendy T-shirt yarn Projects 

August 2020  Children & Baby Wear

July 2020  Winter Garments (656Kb)

June 2020 Jazzy Feet & Hands (909Kb)

May 2020 Afghans and Throws (810Kb)

April 2020 Learning New Skills (800Kb)

March 2020 Autumn Air (808Kb)

February 2020 Jewellery (613Kb)

December 2019/January 2020 Crochet Fashion (1.2Mb)

November 2019 Christmas Wishlist (1.2Mb)

October 2019  Mindful Crochet (1.05Mb)

September 2019 Spring into Colour (733kB)

August 2019 Made for Men (724Kb)

July 2019 The Three B's - Baskets, beanies and blankets (847kB)

June 2019 Amigurumi (844Kb)

May 2019 Shawls and Wraps  (1.2Mb)

April 2019 - Crafting for Charity (597Kb)

March 2019 - Edges and Embellishments (923Kb)

February 2019 - Yarn Remnants (980Kb)

December 2018/January 2019 - Lacework (1.39Mb)

November 2018 - Christmas Crafting (1.89Mb)

October 2018 - Summer Fashion (633Kb)

September 2018 - Save the environment with Home-made bags (560Kb)

August 2018 - Baby Wear (792Kb)

July 2018 - Winter Essential Accessories (794Kb)

June 2018 - Afghans and Throws (940Kb)

May 2018 - Get Glitzy with Metallic Yarns and Threads (858Kb)

April 2018 - Filet Crochet (875Kb)

March 2018 - Crocheters' Toolkit (533Kb)

February 2018 - Motifs (940Kb)

December 2017/January 2018 - Travelling with Craft (1.26Mb)

November 2017 - Dolls & Toys (846Kb)

October 2017 - Types of Crochet (813Kb)

September 2017 - Tatting (1.2Mb)

August 2017 - Freeform (938Kb)

July 2017 - Yarn Cakes (1.19Mb)




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